Tribal Loans: Definitive Guide on Native American Loans

There are several short-term offers that help citizens in need of cash. When faced with monetary shortages, we apply for tribal payday loans or short-term loans. What makes the latter more attractive is the installment scheme. Rather than finding that lump sum at once, you will have your total conveniently split into installments. Depending on your situation, you may choose either option if you qualify for it.


As you may have guessed, the term relates to lenders that operate on Native American soil. They are located in reservations, which means that state and federal agencies may not interfere in their practices. This exemption may be a double-edged sword, but if you take precautions and choose your provider wisely, the risks are low.


To be eligible for short-term borrowing, you have to meet a number of criteria.  These will vary between different lending institutions. For instance, conditions concerning your age or employment may or may not apply in each case. Background checks will always be performed with the goal of determining your reliability as a borrower. Here are the most general requirements (consult your potential lender for exact information): 

  • some form of ID verification (e.g., a copy of driver’s license),     
  • confirmation of employment, 
  • income – either monthly or annual average, 
  • a checking account that is verifiable. 

Possible amounts

Most commonly, the minimum amount to borrow is $500, but exceptions do exist, with as little as $100 as the lowest sum. The maximum amount depends on the lender, and it generally varies from $800 to $2,500. It is vital to understand the correlation between the borrowed amount and the overall interest you have to pay. As a rule, the more you ask for, the more you will pay additionally. Aside from APR, there may be other fees, so be sure to check all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. 


  • Ease of access. Such loans are relatively easy to receive, and they are a quick and effective solution for occasional cash shortages. Most providers accept applications via the internet.
  • Quick approval (usually on the same day). You do not have to wait days or weeks to get your funds. Most lenders will wire them into your account on the same business day or the subsequent one. 
  • Installment-based repayment. The term may be as long as half a year or two years. You are not obliged to repay the whole sum at once. 
  • Bad credit may be fixed. We all make mistakes, and bad debts should not affect your credit score forever. Successful timely repayment of short-term loans will help improve your status, so you may apply to conventional institutions later on. 462


There are a few drawbacks associated with this type of financial service. Nevertheless, with the necessary precautions, you will steer clear of deceitful lenders. Do not disregard the value of customer feedback. Secondly, be sure to check if your potential provider belongs to the Online Lenders Alliance. Membership in OLA guarantees fair treatment of borrowers. 

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